Monday, April 21, 2014

One month out of the orphanage

Sergei has been out of the orphanage for one month now. He has gained 50% of his weight! He was about 17 pounds and now weighs 25 pounds! He has gone from a newborn diaper to almost size 3 diaper. He cannot hold his head up yet or sit or use his hands purposefully but he is still very underweight. He will start therapy soon! His vision is not good and he is not verbal but his hearing is fine. We are praying for healing for this sweet boy! He does not sleep well so I am really tired but that will come too. He has an MRI this week and a check up with GI and neurosurgery. We will find out on Friday if there will be court for Crosby. If so it will be Brian off for his third trip! It will be wonderful to have both boys home! I will update when I can!! Thank you for all the support!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A New Shunt

Sergei needs to have a new shunt put in so I am waiting at the hospital right now. Surgery will probably take 2 hours. He wasn't allowed to eat after midnight and this is difficult since he is so thin already. He ate about 9 pm but then he was so tired that he didn't eat again. Surgery was supposed to be at 10:30 but the the child ahead must of been having some difficulty so they did not get him until 12:40. I am adding the hours that have gone by since his last feeding. Yet he never cried even though I knew and could tell he wanted food. His little lips were moving and he was biting his bottom lip pretty hard. I know he has a 100 angels by his side. He has survived the unthinkable...neglect and almost to the point of starvation so I know he gave up a long time ago crying out for food or comfort. If I think about his past too long I become very sad that I wasn't able to help him earlier. I will update as soon as I can after surgery.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Admitted to the hospital

On Wednesday we went right to Childrens Hospital. The doctor took one look at Sergei's starved thin, frail body and told us that he was going to admit him. The biggest concern was refeeding syndrome, which can be fatal. As we increase calories into his tiny body, they will check his blood every 8 hours to monitor lots of different things that can go haywire once the body starts to get nutrition after starvation. So far his blood work has been great!! His poor tiny arms have so many bruises now after several days of multiple blood draws. We have a team of many doctors checking on  all his medical needs. His vision is quite damaged due to his shunt not working at some point in his life. His hearing seems good. He will have to have surgery to put in a new shunt. The doctors are giving it a few days so we can get his body condition in a little bit better shape. The physical therapists were very excited about his range of motion. We will be excited to get started but we have to wait until he is in better shape. Sergei has to save as many calories as possible right now. After just 2 weeks out of the orphanage, Sergei had gained 5 pounds!! He was below 20 pounds at the orphanage. So sad that other children are stuck in Crimea and now funding is not getting to the orphanages or the children. Plus kids like Sergei are starving to death and now cannot be adopted. We thank Jesus for getting our son out and will continue to pray for all the other children.

In the meantime, we are still waiting for news on court for Crosby! We know God has that plan already in place. Now we just have to wait. We are thankful that Crosby is in a place where he is fed but still needs a family to give him all those things that just don't happen at orphanages. Thanks for prayers and support!

Welcome Home

Finally on Friday a passport was in hand! Now we needed a stamp on the passport and we would have to wait until Monday, March 31st. The stamp was given and they made it on time to the embassy for all the final paperwork. At 4 am Tuesday, April 1st they would head for the airplane for their flight home! The flight was long but Sergei did really good.

We seemed to wait forever for Brian, Natalie and Sergei to get off the plane!! Oh my tears of joy!! I had the chance to see them on FaceTime but this was unbelievable to finally hold my new son! Of course by this time, he was quite grumpy and showed me just how loud he could yell. But my heart was so happy! He was so much smaller and thinner than what he looked like in the pictures.

Friday, March 28, 2014


The Reece's Rainbow Team is so amazing and works so hard to help families and kids! We have a passport for Sergei....and should be able to get the required stamp on not100% yet but I did book tickets for Tuesday!!!! We will get Sergei to the hospital and get him started on the right track health wise and then Brian can get some work in and recover from his trip and then Crosby's court should be ready to go!!!!!! God is faithful and thank you all for such wonderful support and love!!! A big thank you to many people helping with our grant and funds!!! More updates soon. Sergei continues to be uncomfortable but we will continue to pray for his health. He is a beautiful child that has survived so much already!!! I cant wait to meet him!!!! Hope I can drive to the airport...I am going to be way over excited!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another Wrench

First I have to apologize for my blog not being full of pics and great backgrounds or blog buttons! I am soooo bad with technology! I don't know how to do these things...UGH! I can now get pics off my computer but not from my ipad, which has all the pictures!! Praying for help with this and my brain! lol....

Brian made it to the Embassy .....but no passport!!! due to major transition in more passports being processed which equals no leaving the country and not coming home! The embassy is involved and we might get more info later today! PRAYING!!! The Reeces Rainbow team has been more than awesome!!! They deserve such a huge thank you for ALL the things they do to help families and kids! I will try to get back on later and let you know what we find out. even though Brian is basically out of vacation time, our biggest concern right now is Sergei's health. We serve a Mighty God and He does have a plan!!!! AMEN!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Delays

Brian and Natalie and Sergei are on the train again having to leave behind Crosby. He is still in the orphanage because there is still no court. He is in a very good baby house and is well fed. He is safe until age 4 years when the kids are then sent to a very sad and horrible place. He will not understand what happened to his daily visits. Because of political issues court is delayed for quite some time. It might be a month or two yet. This will make a third trip for Brian. He has been gone for almost 2 months. We are praying for Sergei's passport to arrive in the next day or two so Brian can get him back to the US and to the hospital. He is six and only weighs 20 pounds and wearing a newborn size diaper. He is at high risk for refeeding syndrome which can be fatal and needs to be treated and checked at a hospital as an inpatient. Sergei is such a joy but he is starting to have a lot of discomfort with his stomach. He also has a shunt that needs to be rechecked. at this time he cannot sit up or even hold his head up but we have faith that he will make a lot of progress once in better shape. Extra time in country and an extra trip has put our expenses above our estimation. We do have a $500. matching grant. we need about $400. more. We have less than 2 weeks to get this matched. You can donate at  thank you! so many people have helped us out already and a lot of people that don't even know us! We appreciate prayers as well and as soon as we get Sergei home and stabilized, I will post some pics! Crosby update will come when we have some news! thank you all!