Monday, October 27, 2014

Still waiting for the wheelchair

Poor Sergei still waits for his special wheelchair. He cannot sit or hold up his head so a wheelchair was ordered in July. I never realized how long it took to get necessary equipment for people with special physical needs. He has grown 3 inches in length since he has come home! He is getting too long for the stroller and high chair. He had gained over ten pounds but is still thin. This past week he had his 72 hour EEG. This was very uncomfortable for him. Hopefully this will give us better answers on his brain activity.
Meanwhile we continue at a not fast enough pace to bring home a couple more kiddos in desperate need. Thank you for your help in getting these kids home. This is not easy after just finishing our adoption this spring and medical bills! We are so blessed!
If you are able to donate, any amount is such a gift! You can donate at
Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Still working on collecting papers

No news as of today! We are still trying to gather all the needed documents for our home study and papers needed for our other adoption requirements! Seems to take forever! In the meantime we are working on some ideas to raise some funds to help out! Any good ideas? Right now we are doing a if you want to participate that would be awesome! We are giving away a $150. Amazon gift card. We are requesting. A donation of $10. For an entry. And we are limiting it to 75 paid entries. Crosby will pull the winner from a bucket! So far we only have 8 entries, so spread the word. You can use paypal to or you can donate to our sponsorship page but you will have to let me know because we don't see that. Enter as many times as you want! And thank you!! Our page is this one is tax deductible! If you go to the link, it has a donate button!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New faces, New Places

As we begin our new adoption journey, we are excited to travel to new places and see new faces! Until our journey is done, we cannot reveal where little Harlin children number 10 and 11 are located! So no guessing please! Just know they are across the ocean and both children selected are children with special needs, that are so desperate for a family and medical help! Sergei is waiting for his wheelchair! We are praying it will be here soon. It would be so helpful for him! Crosby is getting into everything and loves all the new things he discovers. So wish there was less paperwork with the new adoption but it actually is more with changes in US requirements. It is amazing that kids ever get to their new families with all the things that need to get done, so one piece of paper at a time!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Here we go again!

Sergei and Crosby continue to grow and are such a blessing to our household! Crosby is almost ready to start walking! and Sergei gets a bit stronger each day! The kids all love them so much! This week we will get our paperwork going again for round two! Ready, set, go! No particular child or children picked out at the moment. Still praying for guidance on that. Although Brian really would like to add a little girl in since the boys out number the girls now!!! 6 boys and 3 girls. Well I think he better get ready to bring home 3 girls!!!! The more the merrier! Who is ready to join us on this adventure?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A million steps FOR Sergei

Wow! Sergei is making progress but he has a million steps to go on a long, hard road! Sergei has gained nearly 9 pounds since the end of March and has grown almost 3 inches!! He used to scream when you would stop feeding him, even though he was full, thinking he wouldn't get to eat again for a long time! He panics and had a look of terror when he got his diaper changed. Now he is usually ok but once in awhile he still panics.he doesn't scream anymore at the end of his meal! He had dental surgery. He had rotten teeth and a lot of infection in his mouth. He has to sleep with the light on. He hates the dark! His right hip is completely dislocated and has been for quite some time. He will need to have complete reconstruction surgery on his hips. The doctor is waiting until he adds some more weight due to the intense surgery and long recovery. When he first came out of the orphanage he could not lift his head at all. This is the result of laying in a crib for over 6 years. Sergei can now hold his head up here and there for about 12 seconds. He has therapy quite a few times a week. I pray for him to be able to hold up his head and eventually sit. Despite all his years of suffering and neglect, he is a very happy boy! He loves movement and loves to be outside! We are praying about adopting again! These kids need homes! Do you have room for one more?
 First meeting of Sergei....newborn diapers...less than 17 pounds. Love at first site!
 Little Crosby....Soooooo cute!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

All Home

Crosby made it to the USA. He was quite wiggly on the plane but did well considering! He is a feisty boy with all his own ideas of how things should go. At first he avoided eye contact but is making progress now. He will have a sedated echo to check his heart next week. He possibly has a hearing issue so hopefully we can get that checked out soon as well! He does sleep all night which we are so thankful for since Sergei does not sleep well. The two boys are complete opposites!! Sergei started therapy and we are trying to get weight on him still. Thank you to all who helped us get these boys home so they can be part of a family and get medical care.

Monday, May 5, 2014

More than Blessed

We are more than blessed! Crosby finally had court!! The nannies thought we might not come back to get him since there were so many delays with court! But he is ours now. His name is Crosby Anatoliy. I can't wait to meet him. They are on the train tonight to Kiev and hoping to fly home on Thursday. We pray that he is a good sleeper. Tonight is his first night out of the orphanage and off schedule. He is so cute. Sergei has been in the hospital 3 times this past week due to shunt issues. We learn something new each time. Sergei still does not sleep well. Only 3 hours last night and a one hour nap today! He hasnt gained much wait this past week. He lost his appetite when he was sick. Yet we are so blessed with these two little boys! Praying for orphans in Ukraine and for Ukraine and protection from Russia. Please consider donating to Reece's rainbow or Maya's hope to help these children that are in desperate need. Thank you.