Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why not?

Have you ever had that desire to adopt but told yourself this wouldn't be possible or just too hard?Don't let that voice of negativity and doubt stop you. There are so many kids all around the world depending on someone to be brave and step out and take the challenge! Adoption, never easy but so worth all the work! Don't wait another day! Inquire about it or encourage someone else that has shared their desire to possibly adopt. A voice of encouragement could mean the difference between life and death for a child. Thank you for taking time today to pray for all the waiting children and also  praying for families to be encouraged to follow through.

Our update...waiting for immigration and then our papers should be ready to fly across the ocean! Can't wait!! Praying our kiddos are not suffering and still at the orphanages for the younger children.

Crosby is walking!! Not even home a year yet!! And Sergei is still recovering from his leg surgery. Both boys are a HUGE blessing to our family. Each day they add more joy!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Casts are off!

Sergei had his big surgery to reconstruct his hips and release muscles in January this was very painful and my heart goes out to families that have to go through theses things. His casts came off and I thought that he would feel so good. I was wrong. The pain after his casts came off was very intense. We are finally getting to the point that he isn't in constant pain. He still has to wear braces on his legs at nap and night time. Once they are on things are good but it causes a lot of pain yet to get them on his legs.

New adoption moving along. We hope and pray to have travel dates by late spring. We need prayer to get things finished up and that Whittaker is still at a baby orphanage. He is due for transfer to a place that has a very high fatality rate.

Thank you to Pastor Brad and First Reformed Church in Sheboygan Falls for letting us share with a bible study class about the plight of orphans in Eastern Europe. Planting seeds! You never know when one will take root! Please take time today to pray for God's people to be moved into action!

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Paperwork is the worst! Trying to finish up and it always seems endless. We have to get a few things redone because now they are almost too old to use. But God's got this and I can't wait until the day we have everything submitted and sit back and wait for travel dates!! In the mean time the poor boys are stuck! We are praying they are healthy and safe and getting enough nourishment. We also have some beautiful horseshoe nail crosses for sale to help with expenses. These can be seen on my face book page under my name, Laurie Harlin. Thanks for prayers and support. Update on Sergei: his casts come off in two weeks!! He will be so excited to move his legs!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sweet Abner

Please go to and sponsor a child! So many in desperate need that would be just fine with a family. Sweet little Abner was just transferred. Taken from his baby house orphanage and moved to an isolated mental institution. Everything has changed nothing is the same except the fact he has no family! Please think about adopting. Take a step of faith. If not possible pray!! Donate!! These kids need out! Abner will now be confined to his crib 24/7. No mobile to look at, no music, no stimulation and very little nutrition. These sweet angels slowly waste away. So horrible and alone.....can you imagine?? So take action today!! Thank you!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Surgery for Sergei

Tomorrow is a big day for Sergei. His hip has been severely dislocated for a long time and can be very painful. Surgery was put off until he had gained enough weight since he was so malnourished when he got to America! So surgery will be tomorrow. It will last at least 4 hours and is quite involved. They will be reconstructing both hips and cutting muscle to loosen it. Please pray for him and for orphans waiting for families because so many suffer from no medical care and lack of nutrition and of course pure loneliness. Two children died this week that were listed on Reece's Rainbow. These kids would be just fine had they been born here or had been adopted. Instead they died alone. We could also use prayers for our paperwork. We have hit a lot of delays. But we will continue to move forward. Whittaker is in fragile condition and needs out ASAP! Thank you to all! Have a beautiful day!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Heart Overflows

Wow....thank you to everyone that prays for orphans and donates to families!! These kiddos and families can't do it alone! I checked our donations at Reecesrainbow and was so excited and thrilled and thankful to see we made it over the $1,000. Mark!! Yes!! We only need to raise $19,000 more! You guys rock! Again we can't see who donates so feel free to share with us if you like! We say thank you. We are in a race against time to get the older boy out of his facility. He is scheduled like usual to be transferred because he is 4 years old. The place he is to go to is among the worst!! There is a high death rate after transfer, about 80 to 90% die. Especially the kiddos that are not mobile or can't hold their bottles are at the highest risk. So much suffering...wish I could fix these things!! Hopefully the baby house can keep him a bit longer. Still waiting for our home study. Please pray for our paperwork to get finished and for our little guys to stay safe and if you need an end of the year tax deduction please consider a donation.

Monday, December 22, 2014

About a Girl

Merry Christmas to all. Sergei and Crosby will get to celebrate their first Christmas with a family! We are very excited yet know there are many who will be without a family once again. Things have been busy here as we have been helping a young lady and her baby find housing and a job. Not an easy thing to do to say the least. She is the product of a failed adoption. She had nobody and no where to go. All her relatives an ocean away and no contact information to reach them and unable to return to her country and a family that discarded her after she was adopted by them. She has spent years in and out of shelters and group homes and such. God is good and we found a nice place and she can start work soon. She will join us for Christmas and other family gatherings! It is a nightmare to try to figure out everything on your own without parents to help guide you, especially when you were not educated and cannot drive. It can be a scary world. Please consider reaching out to people in need. Now we can get busy getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus! We still need to find a tree and decorate and bake! Enjoy your families! We are blessed! Can't wait to get our new boys home....they will not get to celebrate this year but we are praying for them to stay strong and healthy! Donations appreciated!!!