Monday, May 5, 2014

More than Blessed

We are more than blessed! Crosby finally had court!! The nannies thought we might not come back to get him since there were so many delays with court! But he is ours now. His name is Crosby Anatoliy. I can't wait to meet him. They are on the train tonight to Kiev and hoping to fly home on Thursday. We pray that he is a good sleeper. Tonight is his first night out of the orphanage and off schedule. He is so cute. Sergei has been in the hospital 3 times this past week due to shunt issues. We learn something new each time. Sergei still does not sleep well. Only 3 hours last night and a one hour nap today! He hasnt gained much wait this past week. He lost his appetite when he was sick. Yet we are so blessed with these two little boys! Praying for orphans in Ukraine and for Ukraine and protection from Russia. Please consider donating to Reece's rainbow or Maya's hope to help these children that are in desperate need. Thank you.

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