Friday, October 4, 2013

Prayers for Orphans

Please continue daily prayers for all God's children around the world waiting for a family! As some of you know we are hoping to bring home 2 boys with special needs from Eastern Europe. We have been looking into fundraisers and trying to see how we can do this and then God placed on my heart to be still and let his awesome power take the lead. So for now we are going to listen and I cancelled our fundraiser. I was reading in one of my journals this morning and came across this verse that confirmed to me what God placed on my heart....Psalm 37:5 I will commit my way to the Lord. I will trust Him and He will bring it to pass....Amen! All my human instincts say....get fundraising, so this is very hard to be still. Please consider sponsoring a child through Reece's Rainbow or World Vision or Compassion....We have 2 sponsored kids through Compassion and 2 through World Vision and 1 of our kiddos in Indonesia will soon be graduating! We are so excited for him!

Yesterday we finally got our fingerprint appointment with immigration! Then we will be on to the next step...getting ALL of our papers to Eastern Europe! The kids are getting so excited and so are we!


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  2. I chose to be Crosbys Angel Tree Warrior. I recevied the news today that he has been found by his family. Please know that my heart is with Crosby and all of you now as we work together to bring him to his forever family! I am so excited!!

    1. Thank you for fighting for Crosby! Cant wait to post pics. We are having a hard time with all the conflict! Praying we can get him out of there!