Sunday, April 6, 2014

Admitted to the hospital

On Wednesday we went right to Childrens Hospital. The doctor took one look at Sergei's starved thin, frail body and told us that he was going to admit him. The biggest concern was refeeding syndrome, which can be fatal. As we increase calories into his tiny body, they will check his blood every 8 hours to monitor lots of different things that can go haywire once the body starts to get nutrition after starvation. So far his blood work has been great!! His poor tiny arms have so many bruises now after several days of multiple blood draws. We have a team of many doctors checking on  all his medical needs. His vision is quite damaged due to his shunt not working at some point in his life. His hearing seems good. He will have to have surgery to put in a new shunt. The doctors are giving it a few days so we can get his body condition in a little bit better shape. The physical therapists were very excited about his range of motion. We will be excited to get started but we have to wait until he is in better shape. Sergei has to save as many calories as possible right now. After just 2 weeks out of the orphanage, Sergei had gained 5 pounds!! He was below 20 pounds at the orphanage. So sad that other children are stuck in Crimea and now funding is not getting to the orphanages or the children. Plus kids like Sergei are starving to death and now cannot be adopted. We thank Jesus for getting our son out and will continue to pray for all the other children.

In the meantime, we are still waiting for news on court for Crosby! We know God has that plan already in place. Now we just have to wait. We are thankful that Crosby is in a place where he is fed but still needs a family to give him all those things that just don't happen at orphanages. Thanks for prayers and support!

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